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History & Culture

A land of sensory overload, cultural and economic extremes, India is a deeply mystifying country. A melting pot of various civilizations, cultures, and religions, the vestiges of some of these deep-rooted historic influences can be witnessed and experienced even today in various parts of the country, and especially in its heritage forts, palaces, temples and monuments.

Modern India

Today’s India is a crazy blend of old and new. As one of the fastest growing young economy, India is spearheading a Technology and Information Technology wave in various sectors. Leverage-India will give you the opportunity to explore all of these nuances of the Indian culture; you get to experience it in its full splendor and glory.

Things to do?

Cityscapes Kolkata

If you want to visit the power hub of India, choose Delhi. If you want to rub shoulders with the bold and beautiful, go to Mumbai. But if you want to experience a city with a soul, you can’t look beyond Kolkata. The city will throw its arms wide open and leave you with a bit of Kolkata in your heart, even after you have left the shores. The former British colonial stronghold also boasts of heritage buildings and Victorian treasures. The nightclubs of Kolkata are also something to rave about. Whether you dig big club experience or a tent retreat, the nightclubs in Kolkata can promise you a dreamy, wonderful evening.


Kolkata Cuisine

Kolkata cuisine is not just about a variety of fish preparations. In Bengal, Chinese cuisine is also a big rage. Italian, Thai, Continental, Mexican, North Indian and South Indian food can be found virtually in every restaurant. Your best bet are the eateries in and around Chowringhee and Park Street. When it comes to the cooking specialty of Kolkata, Kathi rolls (kebabs wrapped in succulent dough) deserve a special mention. Bengali milk-based sweetmeats – sandesh, rosogolla and chanarpayesh and mistidoi (sweetened curd) – are famous across the country.

Cityscapes Mumbai

Mumbai is big and beautiful for all sorts of reasons. It’s the centre for India’s thriving film industry. Some of Asia’s biggest slums (Dharavi) and some of the world’s most expensive homes can be found here. It’s India’s financial powerhouse and the fashion epicentre. Fast-paced and never asleep, Mumbai will take you on a different high altogether.
A few places of interest in Mumbai – The Gateway of India, Kanheri caves or the high rise buildings of Lokhandawala. If you want to head out into the sea, there are Elephanta caves situated on a small island just off Mumbai coastline.
Among the beaches, you can surf and sand at Juhu beach, Chowapatty, Shivaji Park and Gorai and Manor. Mumbai is India’s nightlife capital where strict dress codes apply.


Mumbai Cuisine

Mumbaikars are big street food consumers. VadaPav, Chakli, Chivda, Modak, BatataRassa, Dabeli, PaniPuri, DahiPuri, SevPuri and BhelPuri are licked off the plate at small steamy kiosks. For the health-conscious there are plenty of options to choose from among the multinational quick service delivery chains.



The sub continental tropical weather varies widely from region to region. The coolest weather runs from November to March. But it can dry, dusty and unpleasant between March and June. Monsoons are beautiful in June through October. Kolkata and Mumbai however enjoy a pleasant, maritime climate throughout the year.


The Indian rupee (ISO Code INR) is derived from the Sanskrit root word raupya, meaning “silver”. The apex bank, the Reserve Bank of India overseas the fiscal policies of India. One Indian Rupee is equivalent to 100 paisa. Paper money comes in the denomination of Rs 5, Rs10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 500 and Rs1000.

Exchange Rate

With a dollar trading to Rs 64, you can really live life King-size in India and splurge to your heart’s content. In other words, this favorable exchange rate will fetch you ten times more to a pound or a dollar that you can spend on a good meal or movies or a drink at a night club. With simplified foreign exchange services, you’ll have the power to travel anywhere in India with little to worry about currency exchanges.



An Entry Visa is granted for a specific purpose (short term courses and unpaid internships) or other non-business related purposes. An Invitation letter is required from concerned organisation/authorities in India along with the letter from College/University for internships Visa are valid for three months to six months single entry.

Documents Required

• Passport valid for a minimum of 180 days with at least two blank pages.

• Two recent 50 mm * 50 mm size photographs

• Filled application form and declaration

• Invitation letter from concerned authorities/organisations in India offering the paid/unpaid internships along with the letter from the college/university in the UK.

• An Invitation letter is required from concerned organisation/authorities in India along with the letter from College/University for internships.

• Visa is valid for three months to six months single entry.


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