Voluntary Organization NGO’s

Whether you are a student or a working professional, a volunteering program in a developing country will expose you to the ground realities and tough challenges that grass root organizations face.

The program gives you a chance to explore and contribute towards the running of a voluntary organization that could be aided or non-aided. You can choose to be a part of activities ranging from public mobilization, research, field exposures and documentation to piloting project ideas, organizing events or even putting into action your media advocacy skills. Most importantly, you will make life-long friends who will cherish and appreciate your work and the deep impact it has on their lives for years to come!

Exciting opportunities exist for you in the following functions:

• Reports & Data Analysis
• Campaign conceptualization for public outreach
• Make Documentary films/AV creation
• Teaching Children-Subjects like computer basics, English, General Knowledge and current Affairs. Skill/Personality Development through organizing Debates, Elocution etc.


What can you hope to gain?

With an internship program at one of our host organizations, you can give voice to the unheard voices of millions of at-risk, vulnerable children in India and choose to be a catalyst in their change. Some of our host organizations run one of the largest network of people engaged in upholding the fundamental child rights of deprived, marginalized, underprivileged children. With the active support of partners in the USA and UK, their volunteers have been influential in mobilizing resources and support for these children for the past 35 years. Working closely with staff community & children, thus getting a full immersion into the experience.

You also get an opportunity to blog and share your experience with the community at large through various mass media/digital channels – local, national or international.