Leverage India believes it is important to empower students to venture out, broaden their horizon through overseas travel and work. To forward our educational mission the LEV(I) management team endeavours to extend various benefits to help students avail Lev(I) internships.
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Promotions & Offers

Summer Promo Coupon: 250£ / 395$ off on the package cost

How the deal works?

1.The students visit our website, social media pages etc. and is invited to answer a teaser-question about India. If the answer is correct he/she will win a DISCOUNT COUPON with a fixed validity

2.This can be redeemed against Lev (I) programme un till Sep 2015( either by you for a friend who would like to avail the LEV(I) program for the summer)

3.You can also share it with your Facebook friends, who can avail the same discount.



One student, one big opportunity

We welcome all students to participate in our unique scholarship program for the academic year 2015-2016

At Leverage-India, we run a very ‘out-of-the-box’,
scholarship based on democratic principles

Our scholarship program is aimed at helping students to benefit from the Leverage India Internship

A luck draw is organised among the received entries to pick the Winner.

The winner is entitled to a FREE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM .Click here to know WHAT’s INCLUDED

Furthermore we mentor that student and groom him/her as our brand ambassador,as a sort of an India envoy!

A special project will be assigned to develop and showcase skillsets of the intern. This assigned project will be executed under the guidance of our journalism panel expert which will develop the intern’s broadcast/media/writing skills.The winner would be encouraged to write/compile Articles/blogs/AV’s/Photo Diaries/documentaries etc. to capture their perspectives on their fascinating experiences in India.The cumulative work done will get published in reputed, mainstream newspapers in Mumbai and Kolkata with credits.

A wholesome International experience that will definitely enrich and boost your CV in a big way.

Scholarship Application entries will start 15th Sep‘2015

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