Journalism & Mass Media

A journalism internship in India is a tailor-made opportunity for interns who would like to experience the country from a unique perspective of learning, interacting, interviewing, and communicating to the surging, upwardly-mobile masses in India.

This is a great opportunity for international interns to get an idea of how media representatives in the world’s largest democracy are helping to communicate some of India’s most pressing and exciting stories to the world, besides witnessing the double-digit growth and rapid adoption of digital medium in India. The internship involves working with a team of professionals within the media industry, researching information, ideas, and stories and disseminating content in meaningful formats. The Journalism/Media Internship allows interns to be completely immersed in Indian culture, news, issues, and solutions.

Internships to overseas students are offered in the following fields:

• Editorial research and shadow writing to understand how the Editorial functions

• Revenue and client servicing which involves transacting with new and existing clients and also working on various aspects of clients engagement


What can you hope to gain?

News Corporation of Rupert Murdoch, Disney Entertainment, Warner Brothers, CNBC, Guardian Group, BBC, ABC and others offer attractive jobs to candidates with an international experience in far-flung areas. Acquiring a global, multicultural perspective on various issues helps interns obtain responsible positions in their future career.