The structured application process works with a quick turnaround. Find out about what we are look for in our interns, the application process and FAQ’s to help you apply for the internship.
Although we can place interns at short notice, we recommend that you complete the online application at the earliest so that we can work out multiple possibilities in terms of the work exposure and the role for your internship.


We look for more than just academic excellence. We look for a global outlook, easy adaptability, cultural competence, resilience, good communication skills and a strong motivation to pursue the career of your dreams.

Global Outlook

With globalization our sphere of influence has grown but our business world has shrunk. To survive in this world, future leaders need to discard their “frog in the well” mindset with a global outlook. This is the kind of approach we look out for in our interns.

Career Drive

Without drive, there is no creativity, and without creativity the outcome is always poor. We actively lookout for interns who have a passion to grow and grow fast in their chosen career sphere.

Strong Communication

Strong communication skills can move mountains. We look for students who are good at both verbal and non-verbal skills, are attentive listeners, able to manage stressful work-related challenges and have the ability to communicate assertively and positively in an emotionally intelligent way.


A business leader cannot cope with the fast-face world that we live in with a degree of resilience – to fight all odds. Resilient people are born problem-solvers. They can think out of the box and take proactive, informed decisions. This is another sterling quality we look for in our interns – the ability to manage adversity and business uncertainty to their definite advantage.

If you have these qualities, we’d be glad to get you on board..


Application Process

We’ve designed the selection process to ensure we can place you into a organization that is the right fit for you.






We have answers for all your questions.


A. We invite all students of any nationality, both graduates and those still pursuing graduation, looking to gain overseas work experience in their chosen field and develop an all-round global outlook.
A.You will have a telephonic interview with our placement officer after you’re application has been registered. A telephonic interview with the host organization is not mandatory and depends from one employer to the other. However, In the event of a further interview with the host organisation, we shall intimate you with sufficient time to prepare.
A. You are free to apply again after a gap of 2 months.
A. If you are still undecided about your summer internship, We recommend that you fill out our online application at the earliest as our partners can only take a limited number of interns. Applications for the programs this summer are processed on a rolling basis
Once you have filled out our online application form and submitted your resume, university ID and SOP we will register your application and confirm the same to you via email. Subsequently you will receive a call from our placement officer to

1. Delve deeper into your profile
2. Identify your personal goals and merits
3. Establish if you would be the right fit for our host organization.
At the other end we will present your application to our host organizations for their perusal and if selected, we will come back to you with an OFFER LETTER within 5 business days. After which you have 3 business days to make your INITIAL PAYMENT and secure your internship


A. Food and any travel plans that you choose to make over your weekends, and any personal expenses during your stay in India are to be borne by the students. For better understanding of the package and inclusions please go through our “what’s Included” section is detail.
A. Once you have been presented with OFFER LETTER from our host organization you must make an INITIAL PAYMENT of £250 within 3 working days to secure your internship.
The BALANCE PAYMENT of the internship must be paid within 15 days of the initial payment.
We recommend you to read our TERMS OF BUSINESS before you make your payment.
There are 3 simple and secure methods to make payment for your internship.
• Credit card payment
• Direct bank transfer
• Pay pal


A. No you needn’t take insurance as will be taking care of that.


A. There are two options provided for breakfast: English-style and Indian-style (please see ‘our accommodation’ drop down under ‘what’s included’). If you have any other dietary requirements such as being vegetarian, lactose intolerant etc, let us know and we will accommodate this. Please note that pork is not served in any of the food provided.
A. Our student buddies are on hand 24/7 to deal with emergencies such as these. We have links with a number of established hospitals and doctors to and ensure you get attended to as soon as possible. We are there to communicate with your family in the rare event that something serious happens.
A. Yes, all of your colleagues and your supervisor will speak fluent English.
A. English is one of the two official languages and commonly spoken language in most parts of India especially the metropolitan cities.
A. There are several options for public transport such as taxis, auto-rickshaws, and trains. Using taxis is certainly the safest way to travel around the city and is relatively inexpensive.
A. The cities of India are fairly safe yet as a traveller one must always be alert. Use common sense precautions: be aware of your surroundings; secure your belongings; and carry your money in an inside pocket. Pickpockets are especially prevalent in crowded areas and on the trains.
A. As a standard practise we recommend you to consult your doctor to make sure you are fit to take a flight and travel. However as per the VISA procedure HINI is the only mandatory vaccination.
A. Each workplace varies with its dress code. However, please ensure you bring business attire for your internship and suitable casual clothes.
A. The weather of India depending, on which month you are planning to intern. Our internships are based in cities that do not experience extreme climatic conditions and the average temperature oscillates between 26 – 35 degrees.


A. No. The Visa application process is included in the package and locally managed by our VISA Service partner in the UK, As soon as your internship has been secured, they will contact you and take care of the rest.
A. Once your application has been selected.You will receive specific information on what to provide us so we can process your visa as a UK applicant.

A. If your application is successful, you will receive more information about the visa process as a PIO or OCI cardholder.
A. Depending on an array of factors, we aim to have your visa ready well before you intend to travel. It depends from a 10- 15 business days, depending on type of VISA
A. Depending on your application you may have to pay the consular fee to the Indian High Commission to obtain the correct visa to India.


A. A direct flight from the UK takes approximately 9 hours.
A. Yes, once we’ve confirmed your internship. Please let us know well in advance about your travel plans so that the arrangements can be made accordingly, also if you wish to make travel arrangements.
A. Yes. Please let us know well in advance about your travel plans so that the arrangements can be made accordingly, also if you wish to make travel arrangements.

A. We will arrange transportation for you on your first day and a LEV(I) representative will be joining in for the introduction session at the host organisation, after which you will have a daily pick and drop to and from work for the rest of your internship.
A. We have partnered up with a number of travel agencies in India to assist you in arranging trips and travel at the best prices. Please let us know if you wish to travel and we can help you with making the arrangements such as booking hotels, train tickets, etc. Your visa allows you 6 months of travel within India.


A. We can certainly arrange for interns to be placed together accommodation. Please let us know in advance. We can also try to arrange an internship within the same company however this depends on individual student qualifications and experience and cannot be guaranteed.
A. Interns are not paid for internships, primarily due to visa regulations. Regulations state that any paid work in India requires an employment visa which is quite expensive, and would usually override any payment that an intern was given, when one takes into account that salaries in India are comparatively low due to the difference in cost of living (usually not more than £20-£100 a month for an intern). Paid internships in India are also quite rare for even Indian citizens.
A. The accommodation is in gated buildings or complexes which are handpicked by us to be as safe as possible, the premises has a 24/7 security guard deployed. Most of the neighbours in the surrounding apartments are families.
A. During your internship, our experienced expat coordinators will be assigned to you to help you as a student buddy with any problems/information throughout your stay, such as getting an Indian sim card and giving you an induction to the city. They will also be able to help you with any issues with your employer, as well as overseeing any issues with the accommodation; we have an efficient network of service providers and vendors for any travel booking and services that you will require. Also we have a 24/7 number for any emergencies –health or personal. We are there to help you every step of the way for any problems that you may face.
A. We have partnered up with a number of travel agencies in India to assist you in arranging trips and travel at the best prices. Please let us know if you wish to travel and we can help you with making the arrangements such as booking hotels, train tickets, etc. Your visa allows you 6 months of travel within India.
A. Yes, accommodation is equipped with Wi-Fi.


A. An internship with Leverage India means you intern with one of our reputed partner organisations whether multinational, private organisations that are committed to providing you with an experience tailored to your career aspirations and desired skill development.
Further, the LEV (I) offering includes all logistic arrangement including, accommodation, insurance and travel support & VISA processing before you set off on your internship.
The LEV (I) Learning workshops have an induction and workplace culture orientation planned as you settle in which will equip you for the internship and stay in India from the get go. Our behavioural workshops will help you develop and grow invaluable Life skills.
Finally, the LEV (I) team will organise a day city heritage tour and connect you to various social and cultural events in India, Also the LEV (I) banquets will give you a platform for networking. These initiatives will help to enhance your experience outside the workplace and create wonderful and lasting memories
A. Although there is no guarantee, it may be possible if you give us advanced notice.
A. Please refer to our Internships page to find out the type of work you will do specific to the internship sector you have chosen.
A. We can work to place you and your friend on an internship in the same city.
A. An opportunity may present itself if you are successful in making a great impression at your host organisation. However we cannot promise or assure anything in this regard
A. Your working hours will depend on the company you intern with. Most companies follow the conventional 5-day week schedule starting at 9am to 6pm.
A. Yes, your evenings during the weekday will be free as well as having free time on weekends.


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