The Leverage India Internship Programme is the first of its kind, international 360-degree learning experience designed to optimize your personal and professional growth. Get to know more about our leadership team and committed mission our enthusiastic team is constantly working for with immense passion.
Read further to know what we do and why you must make the choice to Leverage India

Shaping young minds to lead conglomerates of tomorrow.

Offering meaningful internship opportunities in various sectors, Leverage-India boasts of a strong network of premier companies who are on the lookout for sharp and passionate students like you. We’ll help you in putting your best foot forward. Besides identifying the right work opportunity for you, our representatives will organize the most crucial aspects for a working overseas assignment. Visa processing, accommodation, commuting and linking you to the right people for your travel plans in and around India. Our student Buddy will have it all chalked out for you!

Our panel of learning experts have created the programs to combine life skills training, cultural orientation, crisis/conflict management and higher levels of relationship building –key requisites of a bright and promising career.


Leverage India provides you with an incredible opportunity to see the world through your eyes, experience through your senses a vibrant and modern India which may as well be something far different from what you read in the books. Immersed in a completely new environment and culture. This kind of an opportunity not just earns you extra credits and sits well on your résumé – it also gives you international exposure and confidence to pitchfork your career at a new level.

As your local guardians, Leverage-India will ensure your safety and comfort at every step to make your stint in India extremely fruitful and memorable.


Vision & Mission

The mission of Leverage India is to provide internship programmes that will broaden your academic perspectives, promote global awareness, and encourage personal development as you prepare to become engaged world leaders.

We believe that knowledge, skills and experiences gained through academic and cultural immersion attained by studying, working and living in a new country enriches the intellectual capital of our interns.

To advance this educational mission, Leverage India strives to:

  • Inspire interns to think creatively and globally and
  • Challenge them intellectually and personally by encouraging them to venture beyond their cultural and linguistic zones of comfort.


Leadership Team

Sarah Oberoi

Passionately involved in her role, Sarah has over 12 years of experience in corporate Learning & Development. She is a certified master trainer for soft skills and behavioural coaching and has been felicitated as the ‘Best Facilitator’ in 2010-11 by Hero Mind mine, a Hero Group company. She has developed more than 500 hours of training content and worked extensively in training delivery of specialized experiential learning programs for expats travelling to India. Sarah believes that we are coming into an increasingly smaller world and it is more important than ever before to illustrate international capability for employability in the global landscape. She says, India provides a priceless learning platform, both personally and professionally, Travelling to India to work and explore can be a life changing experience for any student around the world.

Kiran Agarwal

Kiran is a professional with over ten years of experience in the field of finance and private equity investments. She’s worked with various Investment Funds based in UK and India and invested across sectors including FMCG, Education, Apparels, etc. Having witnessed the impact of globalisation with a huge inflow of foreign USD capital to India, she believes that human capital is bound to come to India wanting to experience the India growth story. The right education combined with on-job training, especially in ‘an emerging market’ will determine the fate of the next generation of the workforce. Kiran is traveller, a mentor and more importantly a dreamer and her dream is ‘An India in every heart’. Now based in USA, she’s determined to share her ‘Little India’ with the people here.

Debrah Marian

Debrah is a strong believer in practice-oriented learning. Along with her nine years of experience in Business Development, Media and PR, she has worked as a Sports Anchor with Sahara and hosted a cricket show, Match Point, during World Cup 2011 and IPL, where she conducted live interviews with a host of cricket stars and Bollywood celebrities.
Daughter of an award-winning Naturopath, Dr. Nutan who devoted all her life and energies to the service of mentally and physically challenged children, their family Trust “Edens” has conducted several awareness camps in Mumbai, Surat, Kuwait, Dubai and the Middle East.



There are many benefits to an internship through Leverage-India.

For starters, we invest in your experience with an eye on your future.

We line-up the best internships opportunities in India. We leverage our knowledge of the local market and our strong network with the business community to zero in on companies with the highest reputation, who will give you a fantastic learning experience. We also aim to give our interns tremendous personal development platforms.

What We Do Offer?

Besides assisting you with visa formalities,travel, accommodation, etc. Leverage-India will:

  • Apply on your behalf to top recruiters in India
  • Facilitate accommodation, airport transfers and commuting
  • Ensure continuous support and mentoring during your stint in India
  • Provide safety measures and ensure your comfort with a new cultural ethos
  • Organize social events and tour packages so you can explore exciting destinations in and around the Indian subcontinent
  • Create a delightful experience by organising a series of learning interventions for you, such as culture Introductions, day-long city tours, life skills-building sessions, orientation to the Indian workplace culture


Why Leverage India?

Increasingly, we are living in a cultural cauldron, where everyone is interconnected – economically, culturally, and technologically. While experiencing this massive information-sharing change in a fast-evolving, economically-expanding, multicultural society in India, you develop a wider, more realistic, integrated view of the world and your legitimate place in the global marketplace. It is the best way to develop your cultural competency. It can also be your most distinguishing factor setting yourself apart from other job aspirants before you eventually land your dream job


Leverage-India partners with both MNC’s and distinguished Indian companies. Depending upon your area of interest, Leverage-India can hunt down valuable work assignments/projects matching your skill-sets and aptitude. Our support team is active 24/7, so your folks at home can stay tension-free.

In short, internships with Leverage-India are :
– A great way to give yourself a global competitive edge
– A surefire method of proving your flexibility and dexterity of operations in an unfamiliar environment
– Able to set yourself apart from other candidates
– A good way to experience both professional and cultural life in India

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